"I cannot recommend the massage of Kate Rubens enough. Being accomplished in so many different techniques she was able to create a unique blend of styles from deep tissue, CranialSacral and Swedish massage to match my specific needs, creating a completely unique experience. I have been having a demanding time due to my partner's illness: Kate created an environment in which I felt utterly held. The massage itself was comprehensive, powerful and entrancing, with exactly the right pressure. I left feeling nourished, cleansed, re centered and re-energized. She helped me feel myself again."

-Maria B.


"As a performer and dancer my body is integral to my work. No one makes me feel more at home in my own flesh like Kate Rubens. When I'm stressed out or in pain, her healing hands help transform me into someone ready to face the world. If you are looking for someone to unlock and release tension, stress and strife, look no further, you've found them in Kate Rubens.

-Shelton L.


"Kate is a highly gifted and intuitive massage therapist. She has the gift of being able to find the most hidden tight spots in your body. Every single time I've been to see her I've come out not only more relaxed but also feeling like something has shifted and I've had a total reset both physically and emotionally. I've experienced many massage therapists around the world and is among the few who have that special insight of knowing your body and being able to work with what she finds. Highly recommended 

-Sasha A.


"I think I know some of the hardest working people in this city; people who hold down some really stressful and important work. Kate Rubens is an incredible massage therapist. She is ethical in her practice, offering affordable sliding scales. Perhaps most importantly she is profoundly respectful of bodies with differing needs and can be really trusted to listen and respect your boundaries. I cannot recommend her enough."

-Lily D.


"Kate is tremendously powerful in her practice. She is deeply intuitive and her practice is infused with compassion, listening and a simple, profound care the other human. Her hands have a vision of their own! Receiving a massage from her is like listening to a symphony: the harmonies perfectly aligned, the peaks and dips exactly when you need them the most, the perfect balance of rhythm and melody. I recommend Kate to anyone who cares about their body!! She has such a gift to share with you."

-Poppy L.


"Kate has one of the most loving and nurturing energies of anyone I've ever received a massage from. She has a way of making you feel safe and cared for as soon as you walk in, and her touch is a combination of strong a gentle - it's incredibly healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. She's always incredibly accommodating when I need to reschedule - which can happen quite often for me, as an entrepreneur. She's is so gifted and can always intuit my needs without me having to explain them to her. Highly recommended!"

-Allie M.